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Poseidonis by Abby-Starkiller Poseidonis :iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 1 0 Hera by Abby-Starkiller Hera :iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 0 0 Gaia by Abby-Starkiller Gaia :iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 1 0 Eris by Abby-Starkiller Eris :iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 2 0 Dionysis by Abby-Starkiller Dionysis :iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 3 0 Artemis by Abby-Starkiller Artemis :iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 2 0 Aphrodite by Abby-Starkiller Aphrodite :iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 3 0 Geisha by Abby-Starkiller Geisha :iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 0 0
The Coutries' Story
When the Nations were alone,
every heart was flesh and bone,
with no place to hold the love,
this is how the life was drove.
Everyone, all by himself,
lived in poverty or wealth.
So they held no hand to friends:
only them and barren lands.
Lithuania and Poland:
But one day, the Sun was bright,
it was smiling in its height
and he chose out of them all
a big Nation and one small.
The larger one - he was a mess:
long blonde hair and fancy dress;
he had issues with his gender.
The small boy - he was too slender.
But because they were in need
of a friendship little seed,
they became best friends that day,
1569, in May.
Spain and Romano:
Then, the Sun looked at a child:
a curl in hair, with eyes of wild.
All he needed was a friend:
someone to give him his hand.
And one day, he found a man
with green eyes and skin like tan,
smiling from his head to feet,
with tomatoes that taste sweet.
And the boy embraced the foods,
all the heat and people's moods.
So his land was like his friend's
:iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 1 0
Hetalia Poem
I am slowly and painfully wasting away...
Torn by every lash of his ice-cold whip.
I wake up again - I'll live a new day
To understand that tears are never too deep.
Seeing that hope has been forever lost,
Beginning to believe that prayers are just deceit,
I wonder every night if this is the true cost
That can be payed just when your soul is being split.
To search beyond the mist of every white foam cloud,
To see more than a sunset in a blood red sky
Means to understand how whispers can be loud,
Means not to be afraid to shed a tear, to cry.
If I would not have feelings, if I would have no heart,
I'd be a lifeless rock among one thousand more.
This is why loneliness would tear our world apart
And this is why each kiss shall be our secret lore.
What this cruel world has done to me I will never forgive;
I just can't see why even him is not meant to be mine.
I'd like to fly away from here alone - I want to leave
I want to be given a path in this life. I need a
:iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 1 0
Berlin by Abby-Starkiller Berlin :iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 1 7 China by Abby-Starkiller China :iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 0 0 Germany by Abby-Starkiller Germany :iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 3 0 Poland Cosplay by Abby-Starkiller Poland Cosplay :iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 2 0 Bunny by Abby-Starkiller Bunny :iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 1 4 Me by Abby-Starkiller Me :iconabby-starkiller:Abby-Starkiller 1 0


Bella's c1918 wedding dress by imbettingonalice1901 Bella's c1918 wedding dress :iconimbettingonalice1901:imbettingonalice1901 574 112 The Dissolution of Prussia by kuroneko3132 The Dissolution of Prussia :iconkuroneko3132:kuroneko3132 5,688 2,785 Revan and Bastila by Rinter Revan and Bastila :iconrinter:Rinter 277 87
List of german marches
This is a quick overview, about the best german military-marches (in my opinion), that were ever composed.
If you´re interested in that theme, you can copy paste the links and listen to them in Youtube:
- Preußens Gloria [link][link]
- Königgrätzer Marsch
- Hohenfriedberger Marsch
- Marsch Friedrich des Großen
- Yorckscher Marsch
- Prinz-Eugen-Marsch
- Waidmannsheilmarsch
- Altpreußischer Parademarsch
- Badenweiler Marsch
- Bayerischer Defiliermarsch
- Bozner Bergsteigermarsch
:iconarminius1871:Arminius1871 22 31
Pirate!France cosplay random by odHINAbo Pirate!France cosplay random :iconodhinabo:odHINAbo 74 7 France: Blood Red by Maohheika France: Blood Red :iconmaohheika:Maohheika 651 36 Prussias by YUZU-0u0 Prussias :iconyuzu-0u0:YUZU-0u0 368 44 FrPru: Summer Wine 2 by Maohheika FrPru: Summer Wine 2 :iconmaohheika:Maohheika 1,305 123 Hetalia - pRussia - Gorky Park by NanjoKoji Hetalia - pRussia - Gorky Park :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 3,847 342 Prussia - Gilbert Beilschmidt by NanjoKoji Prussia - Gilbert Beilschmidt :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 1,660 150 APH: Prussia by angriberen APH: Prussia :iconangriberen:angriberen 235 19 Kingdom of Prussia II by angriberen Kingdom of Prussia II :iconangriberen:angriberen 417 30 Hetalia:Germany and Italy II by AllieDis Hetalia:Germany and Italy II :iconalliedis:AllieDis 667 80 Hetalia Prussia and Germany 2 by azuooooo Hetalia Prussia and Germany 2 :iconazuooooo:azuooooo 455 36 radioactive by Apofiss radioactive :iconapofiss:Apofiss 9,298 267 mini parrot by Apofiss mini parrot :iconapofiss:Apofiss 10,632 475
This is what I call art...




The World to me seems far. Too far away...
I drown in the unreal.
I'd like to know the future - a new day;
a day after a night;
the darkness after light
no secret shall reveal.

The creation of the World
was, itself, in the beginnings, Word.
Whispering the thoughts of the sole salvation.
Dying with each breathe of the soul,
unable to control.
Devoured by starvation.
Eating its own heart.
Being ripped apart.
Turned into aberration.
Too weak to tilt its head;
to master the disgrace;
no matter if you died before having been born;
no matter if you are a rose or if you are its thorn.
It matters what you choose, what you embrace.
that you're a threat
to your selfless mind.
You are still blind.

Why try
to lie
when you can throw away your voice?
It is but a matter of time;
a matter of choice;
you are a stain of grime
that can still hear;
but I... I am no seer.
I just can whisper in your ear.
And that's because you can still hear
as you stand there, you stain of blood,
stain of red, of hot red mud
in the shadow of the sun.
Can you be gone?

I can fade away into the nowhere .
You'll live
and close your eyes to the lights that you can't bear.
You will not breath the air.
You'll give.
You'll give it all
but one tiny piece,
one little small
crock of your world,
crock of your peace;
the blade of your sword.


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Adelheid von Blauer
Artist | Hobbyist | Design & Interfaces
I love art... Just as anyone else here! And for those who think my name isn't Romanian at all - It is German.


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